Rebuilding two-stroke or four-stroke engines?

C-Clipper makes C-clip installation easy

How a $1 item can cause a $2,000 headache

Installing wrist pin C-clips in pistons is the engine rebuilder’s worst nightmare. Why? Because it’s difficult, unpredictable and time-consuming. Worse yet, conventional methods of installation can weaken a clip to the point where it fails in service. Don’t destroy your sport engine with a faulty C-clip installation!

The typical top-end rebuild

You grasp the replacement clip in the long-nose pliers, ease it into the wrist pin bore, then spend the next few minutes looking for it on the shop floor. Airborne C-clips travel far and wide! Finally, several minutes later, the clip is in place in the groove. And that was the easy one, on the bench. If the first clip was tricky, you can guess how it will go with clip number two.

But the aggravation that goes with the job is only one issue. The other one is security. Can you be sure the clip will hold up? Did you overstress it? Is it sitting nicely in the groove, or is the groove so chewed up that it’s half-in, half-out?

The worst of it is you really don’t know until the engine swallows the C-clip. Could be 10 minutes, or 10 hours. Could be in the final lap of that big competition with you in the lead.

The C-Clipper Way is the Better Way

BUX Tools C-Clipper™ does the job in seconds a side, without overstressing the clip, and without marring the piston; saving time for the engine mechanic and the do-it-yourself racer. It’s as simple as this:

nose clipper - step 3 nose clipper - step 1
  1. Load the installer tool with the wrist pin clip
  2. Slide it into its matching sleeve
  3. Push the installer home
nose clipper - step 2

Motorcycle Piston Maintenance the Easier Way

The C-Clipper takes all the drudgery out of the job. No more fiddling with long-nose pliers and little screwdrivers. One push and you’re done, in less than 15 seconds a side, every time.

If you repair two or four stroke engines — especially those high maintenance sport versions — you won’t want to do another rebuild without it.

Kits are available for most popular two-stroke and four-stroke sport engines including:

  • off-road bikes
  • street bikes
  • ATVs
  • shifter karts
  • snowmobiles
  • jet skis
  • personal watercraft
  • marine outboards
  • sport compact racers

If it’s a performance engine, there’s a C-Clipper to help install its pistons. Now available with adapters for all aftermarket and original-equipment pistons, plain and skirted styles.

The C-Clipper™ — Worth the price even if you rebuild that engine only once a year

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