C-Clipper™ Testimonials

  • “This tools takes the anxiety out of installing the clips everytime I build an engine. It has made my job a lot easier. It exceeded my expectations once I put it to use.”

    –Steve Kirby
    Kirby's Motorcycle and Machine, Grover Beach, CA

  • “The C-Clipper™ is a tool all mechanics have needed for a long time. I hate putting in clips the old way. Every bike and sled shop needs each size. Think how easily clips can be installed in a multi cylinder machine now.”

    –Wes Gilbert
    Boyesen Precision Porting

  • “You’re in the final stages of re–assembly of a 2-stroke engine. The only tasks left to do are installing the piston, wrist-pin and cylinder head. Your whole day can be ruined if at this point you manage to drop one of the wrist-pin clips into the crankcase. Bummer! The C-Clipper wrist-pin clip installer tool solves this problem”

    –Tracy Martin
    Motorcycle Product News

  • “If I seem overly obsessed with C-clips, it is because I have purchased two bikes in the past with "fresh top ends" "just installed" by their previous owner only to have them swallow a c-clip as soon as we rode them. Our sx65 was one of them. The damage and expense caused by a 5 cent part is astounding. My engine-builder friend gets brought to him many, many engines that suffered a similar fate.”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, September 2005

  • “Man, I don't think I can get my credit card out fast enough! This is the part of top end rebuilding that causes me the most aggravation.”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, February 2005

  • “I have one of these that I bought from Bux Tools a couple of years ago. I saw the add for them in the back of a ATV magazine. They work great!”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, December 2006

  • “The one from Bux Tools works great. It can push the c-clip in too far if you set it wrong, but pulling it back into the groove is no problem.”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, March 2006

  • “...yeah, that Bux Tools C-Clipper is the real deal.”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, February 2007

  • “I'm getting ready to do a top end on my 250 exc and I'll be ordering one of those c-clip tools from Bux Tools... On one occasion, whether it was because I had fiddled with it too long and sprung it out of shape, or had it pointed in the wrong direction when it was done, I don't know but one of them came out and cost me all-new top end parts and a re-plated cylinder. For $45.00 I think I'll try one.”

    –C-Clipper Fan
    KTM Talk, July 2007

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